Monday, February 25, 2013


25 February 1947: The State of Prussia ceases to exist.

So it’s ‘Why kids only know of Prussia nowadays as “That place that almost sounds like Russia” part 2: Electric Boogaloo’.

Long story short: the Allied Control Council dissolved Prussia completely and totally on the grounds that it could not exist due to its militaristic history and all the baggage associated with the name. They also blamed the Prussians and “Prussian culture” for the war, even though it was started by an Austrian guy.

Above: “Prussian Culture”

So what happened afterwards?

Well Germany was in shambles, most of its leaders either dead or on their way to it, and everyone was just so fucking tired.

Then there’s Prussia. 

Pretty much sums up post-war Prussia.

So after WWII, most of East Prussian lands were transferred to Poland - the people who lived there (there weren’t that many since most had either been evacuated or killed after the Red Army’s invasion) could choose to either leave, or declare themselves as Polish. Most chose to be Polish. These lands included Silesia, Further Pomerania, Eastern Brandenburg, and Eastern Prussia.

Congratulations, Poland. You finally won something during WWII.

Northern East Prussia went to the Soviet Union, including Koningsberg - which the Soviets changed to Kaliningrad - and it became known as Kaliningrad Oblast, which exists to this day. Over ten million Prussians fled or were kicked out during the takeover of Eastern Prussia during the war. That, along with the near-complete destruction of Koningsberg, helped the Soviets to completely rebuild the Oblast without a trace of Germanic culture.

FUN FACT: Stalin was content on keeping the name “Prussia” on the map (at least in “Soviet Prussia”) because the Russians had a very different view of Prussia. They had allied in several wars and helped each other regain and maintain independence from invaders, and for the most part the Soviets did not “blame” Prussia for the war.

However, the other Allied nations won out, and law #46 of the Allied control Council successfully wiped Prussia from existence.

It’s okay. Prussia lives on in your heart. And that’s all that matters.


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