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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anonymous said: gilbert


So If you’re making a post or answering an ask stating in any form that Germancest (or any pairing really) is something you hate/your NOTP/don’t ship/etc

Like das cool and all, we all have our loves and our hates but like

Don’t tag that shit

Nobody in that pairing tag cares that you don’t ship that

Seriously you can answer that ask or make that post that says you don’t dig but don’t tag it, as you bring absolutely nothing meaningful to the tag and nobody who follows that tag cares

This has been a PSA

Anonymous said: Oh, your cosplay is just the best!! Congrats on getting the photoshoot completed!! And quick question. Were those bras comfortable at all?? They look a little itchy.... Itchy bras are just annoying so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks Hun!! No, at leas for me and Girlfriend it is not itchy. Just feels like a normal (very much padded) bra! :) only the outside has that itchy fabric; the inside feels like regular soft bra fabric.


Friday, August 8, 2014


aph-preussen said: omg. I just saw your fifatalia cosplay picture with your girlfriend. Is it possible that you two are the cosplayers from that 18+ Hetalia panel I saw on youtube? I'm speechless right now..I loved the panel! You two look gorgeous *0*

If you’re referring to the Katsucon 2013 AAN where Germany gets drunk and strips and Prussia tries (in vain) to keep him together…that’s us! :) thanks so much!!

Greetings from Otakon by FIFA Germany & Prussia!

Thursday, August 7, 2014