Thursday, April 3, 2014

rosesofthelady saidDeutsch klingt wie eine Treppe die eine Treppe runterfliegt?

there it is ladies and gentlemen

howiworkdis saidMy personal favorite is ‘German sounds like a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs’

1000% accurate

Anonymous asked: Can you write up a post of possible resources for learning German? preferably free...

I can totally do that! There are more than enough resources to become fluent in a language by spending little or no money. I’ll write up a super comprehensive list of learning sites & study aides in a little bit (I’m actually doing work now *gasp*).

In the meanwhile, if there are sites/podcasts/resources/etc that anybody knows of beyond the major sites (Duo, DW, About, etc) then please send them my way~

Anonymous asked: wow that sounds really cool! but kinda hard, actually. I imagine German is a pain in the ass to learn. I remember grammar classes in primary school to be the most evil thing ever orz but don't lose hope it's really admirable how determined you are!

Thank you so much! It’s hard when you are learning on your own because it’s easy for me to make excuses and just go “not today” and that “not today” will turn into weeks and months…so I try to do at least something every day ;;

I recently read an empirical study that proved that adults are actually just as, if not moreso, able to learn a language as children and infants, and that gave me a lot of hope, since you hear often of how difficult it is to become fluent in another language as an adult. So I just keep remembering that…I have my whole life to learn this language so even if I go slow, I’ll get there eventually! o3o

David Sedaris said, “German is like English, only sideways” and…that doesn’t seem like it makes sense but…it’s totally true v____v

Anonymous asked: hey I'm from Germany (greetings from Dresden here^^) and the last ask you answered made me curious - do you speak German? Where did you learn it?

Ah hallo! ^^ Ich lerne Deutsch ;) I am not very confident in my speaking just yet but I can read it fairly okay I think. I joke that when I go to Germany (and Dresden is on my list!) in July I’m just going to carry a dry erase board because I can *write* what I mean but speaking is very difficult for me…I tend to freeze up and end up just looking dumb because I am terrified of how I pronounce things orz

I have been learning on my own actually…I use Duolingo, Deutsche Welle, Lingolia, About, and other random websites/books for grammar and vocabulary ^^ It’s difficult and I get discouraged a lot but I am determined! >:C

Anonymous asked: How do you know when to post history?

Some dates I just know off the top fo my head but I always make sure to check on several resources I have to see if there’s anything I have missed or just don’t know ^^

Usually I assemble several dates on stickies and put them on my office wall as a reminder…I generally do this about 2 months in advance just so I don’t forget. Here’s the general roster for April-May:


I may not do all of them, because I try to leave room for next year…like I hardly did any this past March and that was when the War of the Sixth Coalition ended and I was kind of sad but yet it just means that next March will be fun! ^^

Considering I’ve also labelled everything in my office in German, and this is next to a small piece of paper taped on the wall instructing how to run somebody over with their car in German, I’m pretty sure the office cleaning ladies (correctly) think I don’t actually do any work in the office and instead am running some German black market scheme….

Two pages for some reason are missing. I tried to find it again on Pixiv but sadly it has been deleted. I have no idea why I didn’t save those pages; perhaps it was all text?

Enjoy regardless ;>


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Possible Film Stream this Weekend!!


I have the film chosen! It’ll be a comedy! I just need a good day.

Saturday is out since I will be so tied up with an event at work. I’ll be out all day.

I will again have two showings, this time a little bit later in the day & night;

12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm BST/ 9pm CET &

6pm PST/ 9pm EST/ 2am BST/ 3am CET

What would be better at these times? Friday, or Sunday?

rebloggin’ again cos I gotta knooow~

if it’s just not a good weekend for anybody then I’ll wait a week or so.


No one should have ever allowed germanbrothers and I to make Germany and Prussia Twitter accounts.

Like what were you thinking.