Thursday, August 21, 2014


Giveaway Time!! To celebrate 5,000 Followers, I’ve gone to Germany and returned with delicious, sugary goodies, as a thank you!!

One winner will receive all of these gummies pictured, including the Haribo tin! This is the Holy Grail for gummy lovers! Read on to figure out how you can score all this!


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You may like/reblog as much as you wish! No giveaway blogs, please!

I will ship worldwide!

This giveaway ends Sunday, 31 August at 11:59 USA EST. One winner will be chosen via random number generator and will be contacted through their ask box on my main blog, superlolita. You do not have to follow superlolita to enter, only Germanbrothers. The winner has 24 hours after being contacted to be in touch with me!

!! IMPORTANT !! By entering, you agree to participate, win, and consume this giveaway and these prizes at your own discretion. I am NOT responsible for any health effects sustained or experienced as a result of you or others consuming these prizes. Feel free to contact me or these companies regarding allergy or ingredient information. As these gummies contain gelatin, they are not vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Viel Glück!!

Ends in 10 days!! :OO

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Drabble requests are now CLOSED!

thank you all for submitting!

I have to lok through and see which ones I am going to do. Hopefully I can within the next few days. I start a new job tomorrow so I’m going to be busy!

I’ll let you all know when requests are open again - if I open them, and you saw that your request was not filled, then feel free to submit it again if you wish. I may be in a better mood to do it at another time.


Anonymous said: TRAIN AU!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anonymous said: I'm sorry if you've already filled up your prompts already but could you possibly write Ludwig taking care of Gilbert when Gilbert has the flu/a cold/whatever non-life threatening illness? Like I said, if your prompts are already full then don't worry about it, and thank you for your time to read this.

Hi anon! Fortunately for you, I’ve already written two drabbles in the past that cover just that! ^o^ Both of them have to do with Gilbert being sick because of Reunification and Ludwig is fretting, as he does.

One & Two! Enjoy!

I like how we can’t even go ten minutes without somebody requesting dead Prussia.


But of course I’m gonna write it, because I love that shit. And so do you guys apparently…SO GET READY FOR SOME TEARS