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I love german - seriously

"Jemanden festnehmen means to arrest someone

 While "Jemanden fest nehmen  means to fuck someone hard. 。◕‿◕。

zusammenkommen - meet

zusammen kommen - having an orgasm together

and don’t forget the classic:

gut zu Vögeln sein - to be good to birds

gut zu vögeln sein - to be good in bed


That otp that you ship every way like brotp, qpotp, otp, friends with benefits, soulmates, star crossed lovers, best friends since birth, forbidden lovers, and you just know that you’re never gonna ship a ship like this ever again

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Anonymous said: Germanfest 2014????? *puppy eyezzzz*

I was actually just thinking of something that we could possibly do this year, either for 3 Oct or 9 Nov!! Problem is, for Reunification weekend, I may be out of town :O and also, with my new job starting up, I have no idea what my work schedule will be like.

But I will conspire with my partner in crime lilienpasse to see if there’s any ideas…and in the meanwhile, if anyone has any idea for a Germancest-themed event/contest/party/etc around the time of German Reunification and/or the Fall of the Berlin Wall (25th anniversary!), please drop a message to either me, lilienpasse, or the official germanfest blog! 8D

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I got the whole German dudes (well, minus Hesse) right in the first 4 requests and it’s World Cup so here have all of them playing football.
Hope you guys like it and sorry for the long wait ;u;

Fic Rec: “Unknown”

by germanbrother

Synopsis: Germany visits the grave of his dead brother Prussia.

Fic is in German.

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28 November 1794: Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben dies in Utica, New York.



Okay so you know how there’s that whole thing that “oh it was Prussia that taught America how to fight during the War of Independance” bla bla bla…?


I’m pretty sure the “bitch, please” face was a quality of good Prussian genes.

Friedrich Wilhelm “Total Badass” von Steuben. Let me tell you about him.

He fought in the Seven Years War as an officer and quickly rose through the ranks. By 1761 he was Frederick the Great’s personal assistant, and in 1762 he was one of thirteen members in a “special class for the art of war” cabinet.

Okay so we’ve established this dude is legit. How the fuck did he get to America?

Well in 1777, he went to Ireland, because he was deep in debt and probably wanted to drink his troubles away or something. Once he was there, he was introduced to the French Minister of War, who probably wanted to drink his troubles away too. And once he was friends with that guy, he was introduced to Benjamin Franklin.


After that? Franklin wrote a letter to George Washington and described Steuben as a “Lieutenant General in the King of Prussia’s Service," which is not his title at all, but shhh. Considering they probably met in an Irish pub, and Steuben was half-drunk as it was, I’m sure he exaggerated his role just a little bit.

ALRIGHT so after that, Washington, who realized that the Prussians had just wiped the floor with Europe during the Seven Years War the previous decade, thought that perhaps having one on board his crusade against Britain would be a good idea.

And guess what? It was.

Franklin was glad he brought something else back from Europe other than an STD.

Steuben came to America and whipped the Continental Army into quick shape. He reported for duty on February 23rd, 1778 to Washington at Valley Forge, volunteering without pay, for at least a little bit.

His biggest contributions to the Continental Army:

  • He created what was known as “model company" as in, he trained about 120 men for the purposes of having them train their men, and the chain would continue.
  • Training the American soldiers in the use of the bayonet. Before then, they relied on their guns to do gunny-things, like shoot and stuff. He was the one who was like, EY YO, YA KNOW YOU CAN STAB PEOPLE WITH THAT POINTY THING ON TOP. Take the Battle of Stony Point: American Soldiers fucking attacked the British with unloaded muskets and WON SOLEY BY THE USE OF THEIR BAYONETS. Shit.
  • In 1779 he released his book, Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States, known as the “Blue Book” that was continuously used and known by every member of the military until the fucking War of 1812.


He was also revolutionized camp sanitation (i.e. he CREATED it amongst the American Army) and was known as an eccentric and a swearer. He’d swear at his troops in German and French, but that wouldn’t work since they obvioustly didn’t fucking know German or French. So when that failed, he’d get his translator to swear at them in English, often saying, “Over here! Swear at him for me!”

I’m gonna stop there. Because I could seriously write an entire fucking novel about this man and all the shit he did.

TL;DR? Before the war, the Continental Army was a rag-tag team of patriots who were kind of getting by. By the time he was fucking done? They were an Army good enough to drive their enemies off their land and create their own fucking country.


I know it’s not November, but today was THE DAY HE WAS BORN IN 1730!!